I saw my soul at rest upon a day As a bird sleeping in the nest of night, Among soft leaves that give the starlight way To touch its wings but not its eyes with light; So that it knew as one in visions may, And knew not as men waking, of delight. This was […]

This is a double sestina. As if the regular ol’ sestina wasn’t, you know, hard enough. There is no woman living who draws breath So sad as I, though all things sadden her. There is not one upon life’s weariest way Who is weary as I am weary of all but death. Toward whom I […]

The winds of spring are starting Even in June to blow From a wild sky, and round this house Where a cat sleeps on a bed And my friends bring me in some kai, Goat chops roasted a bit too much In our family oven. But that’s not much To gripe about. When we were […]

You said that you would never want to be remembered as anything but lucky. But now, a year after your death, and here, in this stark, symmetrical place more rigid than the most restrictive poem, I wonder whom to blame your luck on—God? You said that you could always turn to God, that given any […]

October. They decide it is time to move. The family has grown too large, the house too small. The father smokes his pipe. He says, I know that you all love this house. He turns to his child who is crying. She doesn’t want to leave. Outside in the large bright yard the leaves are […]

I opened this poem with a yawn thinking how tired I am of revolution the way it’s presented on television isn’t exactly poetry You could use some more methedrine if you ask me personally People should be treated personally there’s another yawn here’s some more methedrine Thanks! Now about this revolution What do you think? […]

These dried-out paint brushes which fell from my lips have been removed with your departure; they are such minute losses compared with the light bulb gone from my brain, the sections of chicken wire from my liver, the precise silver hammers in my ankles which delicately banged and pointed magnetically to you. Love has became […]

Twenty stories high above the desert with its morning shadows, like the face of a woman wearing a wide-brimmed hat, you stand quietly so that you won’t wake your husband, who sleeps like a tired gardener, his hands brown from Michigan summer labor—tomatoes, gypsy peppers, sweet basil and sun flowers. You love this time of […]

Miss Bishop assigned us the task of writing a sestina while she was out of the room. Hers weren’t so easy, with fifteen or so drafts, but ours had to leap right out of our heads, in proper sequence, arranged to strike the reader as clever. No one ever told me I was clever or […]

The first word you must know is relevant, The qualifier of experience. Relevant experience of the revolution, For instance, trains you to confront the pigs, The first defense line of the power structure, Which guards insidiously the Establishment. What we are after is the Establishment, Which acts as if we are not relevant And forces […]

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