The winds of spring are starting Even in June to blow From a wild sky, and round this house Where a cat sleeps on a bed And my friends bring me in some kai, Goat chops roasted a bit too much In our family oven. But that’s not much To gripe about. When we were […]

I want to go up the river road Even by starlight or moonlight Or no light at all, past the Parakino bridge, Past Atene where the tarseal ends, Past Koroniti where cattle run in a paddock, Past Operiki, the pa that was never taken, Past Matahiwi, Ranana, till the last step is taken And I […]

In the dream I am lost in a Maori graveyard Among the dunes of sand, And like a wave of black water The makutu hits me. No terror like this, Latrines, ovens, graves, a woman’s anger Splitting my skull with a stone axe, Yet it is Te Whiro who wields the axe Or else te […]

Swept clean of leaves, with stripped boughs, the garden Lifts black arms to the wan sky of winter, Mater Dolorosa: the orchid house Shuttered, and no birds by the pond’s clear glass Where the boy and dolphin stand, to summer constant Rapt yet in the daze of an archaic dream. Here was my hope planted, […]

Now as the nights lengthen and the placid season Ages to decay, we can hear, my love (Waiting with window flowers, a wood fire flaring across The small safe room) — we can hear the rawhead Elegies of winter in the wind striding perilous From antarctic, ravening where our days lie tangled. Against that ice […]