In the bright season when He, most high Jove, From welkin reaching down his glorying hand, Decks the Great Mother and her changing face, Clothing her not with scarlet skeins and gold But with th’ empurpling flowers and gay grass, When the young year renewed, renews the sun, When, then, I see a lady like […]

There comes upon me will to speak in praise Of things most fragile in their loveliness; Because the sky hath wept all this long day And wrapped men’s hearts within its cloak of greyness, Because they look not down I sing the stars, Because ’tis still mid-March I praise May’s flowers. Also I praise long […]

LOQUITUR: En Bertrans de Born. Dante Alighieri put this man in hell for that he was a stirrer up of strife. Eccovi! Judge ye! Have I dug him up again? The scene is at his castle, Altaforte. “Papiols” is his jongleur. “The Leopard,” the device of Richard Coeur de Lion. I Damn it all! all […]